Body Products:

Your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs everything. Guess what that means? The toxic ingredients in your lotions, shampoos, lipsticks, perfumes, hair gels, and sunscreen all soak into your skin! Why go through all the trouble to fix your belly and forget about your skin?  These toxic chemicals are often linked to cancer, reproductive problems and do not have enough science to back up their long term safety. A good rule of thumb is to be able to eat over 70% of products in your bathroom. Ever tried Apple Cider Vinegar to condition your hair OR remove a wart? Charcoal capsules to whiten teeth? Coconut oil to moisturize? Below are websites I like with toxic-free body products. I do quite a bit of research to weed out the ones that appear to be good for you but are not and will be adding more as I find them.  I'll show you how and why to use natural products so be sure to subscribe to blog updates. See that link to the right?? Sign up :) 

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