Road Trip Time!

You know the feeling when you're on the Turnpike and the sign in orange says "Next rest stop 154 miles"?  Not one construction builder had a broken belly and thought, 'Maybe 75 mi apart is far enough'? Never mind, you haven't eaten or drank anything for the previous 154 miles and are bordering on severe dehydration and starvation, but it is still way more appealing than the alternative! 

Growing up, I never had to suffer through travelling across America to see a big ball of yarn (sorry if that's what you're in to). Family trips weren't more than 6-7 hours but if things weren't sitting well, 10 minutes was an eternity. Frankly, the anxiety is the catalyst and then the domino's all start to fall...usually when you're in the mountains of PA and can't get off anywhere. Bastards.

Even if you're past the age of "road trip!", you still travel. Plane, car, train, bus, or tuk-tuk, its all anxiety inducing when you have a broken belly. How can you make it through a long trip and KNOW that you'll be okay? For starters, figure out your food triggers, or send me a message and I'll teach you how!

How to take a trip and feel fine, step-by-step, food options included.



  1. Know your food triggers and DO NOT cheat at least three days before said trip. Why not? Food intolerance can rear its ugly head (no pun intended) up to three days after you've eaten. Pizza Saturday and flight to Brazil on Monday? May the force be with you :) 
  2. Pack a hard or soft cooler with plenty of real food items and ice packs. Only packing snacks will leave you craving sustenance and you'll be more likely to cheat. See #1 response. 
  3. If what you want to make is a perishable liquid, like a protein-packed smoothie, freeze it the night before to create double duty as an ice pack. 
  4. Healthy snacks and meals will allow you to pass up the rest-stop options so you'll arrive at your destination full, hydrated and feeling your best!

Cooler Items:

  1. Cooked quinoa with chopped up cucumbers, tomatoes (Feta or goat cheese if dairy is not a trigger) and a vinaigrette. I like Barcelona Vinaigrette or any of the Salad Girl options at Whole Foods.
  2. Homemade Guacamole! Bring some Beanitos chips for a corn-free chip option. 
  3. Celery with Peanut Butter is an oldie but a goodie.
  4. Frozen Protein smoothie- 2C water, 4 Tbsp Hemp seeds, 2 Tbsp Chia seeds and 3 dates (or 2 Tbsp raw honey) for the base. Now you can make it fruity with frozen strawberries or banana. Or chocolate-y with raw cacao, banana and peanut butter! 
  5. Fruit salad- Go tropical with cut up Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, Rambutan, and Pomegranate seeds.
  6. Almond/Coconut or any dairy-free Yogurt...or make your own. Find the recipe here
  7. Frozen water bottles
  8. Overnight Oats- Find the recipe here

Snack Items

  1. Dried fruit. Trader Joe's has some great Organic options with nothing other than the the fruit- no sulfur dioxide, sugar or extra flavors!
  2. Raw Nuts- Almonds, Brazil Nuts (great for your hair because of Selenium), cashews, walnuts, macadamia, pecans and pistachios.
  3. Seeds- Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds (benefits
  4. YouBars. Great place to custom make your own meal bars

TIP!!!!! Frozen smoothies can go through TSA security!!! Make sure you sip out any liquid that has melted right before you put in through x-ray. Upon leaving, have the hotel make you a protein-packed smoothie and have them freeze it in your original glass mason jar so you can have something for the way home too! All the food options can go through security so it's no excuse to eat poorly at the airports!