Green Smoothie

 "How do I improve my belly?" Digestion is a pretty large area to cover and there's no quick fix to transforming your gut.  It doesn't require a MENSA membership nor is it painful (maybe to the wallet). It just takes discipline. So if you want to fix your belly, then fix it.

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What will make a big difference to your gut? GREEN SMOOTHIES!  I made one during Christmas time for my family and accidentally added blueberries. The vibrant green turned into brown and they were less than thrilled to sip away. It tasted great but not the best introduction for novices. You may be thinking it's not up your alley because...

  1. I don't have one of those $1000 blenders 
  2. It's just a trend  
  3. They don't look appealing (and that's being nice)

Here's the thing about belly fixing- you need more veggies in your diet. Dark green leafy veggies are anti-inflammatory!  When I don't drink one of these every.single.morning I feel it in my belly. Switch up the ingredients but you should have 80% dark veggies and 20% fruits. Here's a recipe for a beginner:

Makes about 60 oz so if you have a smaller blender container cut down the portions..


green smoothie me.jpg

3C Water

1 head Romaine lettuce (doesn't matter the size)

Big handful of fresh spinach 

2 Stalks Celery

1 Apple

1 Pear

1 Banana

1 Lemon ( I peel it like an orange and use the whole thing) 

First wash everything. Fill the blender with the water, stuff in the green veggies (lettuce, celery, spinach) and blend away. Some blenders are better than others but keep blending till it's as smooth as it will ever be. Then add the fruits and blend again. Enjoy!

If you find it too sweet take away some fruit or only use 1 green apple for a low glycemic smoothie. Don't like celery? Change it up. There is no right or wrong way to make a smoothie. The goal is to eat as many veggies early on because as the day progresses future vegetable consumption is decreasing as the vending options increase. 

On a side note- According to the Ayurvedic lifestyle, certain Dosha's shouldn't consume raw veggies. I happen to be Vata/Pitta and add warm to my smoothies (ginger, tumeric) to help balance the dry cold. Find out what you are with the AyurvedicDoshaQuiz 

 I'd love to hear your favorite mix of ingredients so leave a comment!