The only body part you want 'Flat as a Pancake'


Some people don't mind their big belly. Case in point, this new munchkin that we welcomed into the world a few weeks ago...and the reason I have slacked on posting new blogs. She doesn't mind it when people say "look at those cute rolls", but I guess you might not want to hear the same thing in your swimsuit.  



How do you combat summer belly bloat?

It's really simple. Really. Even if you don't follow this daily, do it at least 2 days before you know you're going to put on that suit! 

#1 Hydration is key

  • Up that water intake. Drink as much as you can- half your body weight in ounces is a decent start. Ie- if you are 120lbs, 60 oz of water. Can't believe I have to write this but don't drink so much that you go hyponatremic. Google it. 

  • Don't like water? Too bad. Drink it anyways!

  • Plain water is boring? Okay. Add some fruit or cucumber or mint or whatever you want to flavor it. Check this out for ideas

  • What is not hydrating? Gatorade. Yup! If you want to put those electrolytes back in, drink RAW coconut water. Coconut water sitting on the store shelves is about as healthy as drinking sugar water. Harmless Harvest is a great RAW brand or save some $$ and buy a young coconut from the store and crack it open yourself. Bonus- you get the meat too! 

#2 Cut the cow out!

  • Biggest bloat culprit in your diet? Dairy.

  • Avoid milk in your cereal, butter, whey (comes in so many meal bars), cheese, yogurt (contrary to what you believe it's not good for you), cottage cheese, etc.

  • There are so many non-dairy options available so it's not hard to avoid. Check out my Substitutions tab for a few alternative options. 

  • What else comes from a cow? Red meat! Red meat takes longer to digest and more food sitting in those intestines will only make your gut protrude. 

#3 Sugar and white food make that belly pop! 

  • Not just cane sugar but all White food you'll want to avoid to keep the belly flat. 

  • What is white food?Anything made with white flour, cane sugar, breads, pastries, and don't forget, dairy is white too! Coincidence? 

#4 Eat plant heavy!

  • Color, color, color! Get that plate full of colorful veggies. It's no secret following a plant based diet is not only fantastic for your overall health (level out blood sugar, reduce cardiovascular problems, weight loss, etc...) but the fiber in all those veggies will help things "move along" and keep that belly flat.
  • How do you eat plant heavy? Nothing that comes from a package. There. It's. That. Easy. 
  • I have tons of recipes from great sites so check out my Pinterest for ideas.   

#5 When all else fails...Suck it in!

  • No matter how flat your belly is, sucking it in will only help those abs keep it in place!