It's pretty gross if you saw how it's made...

 I promise the next blog will be all about how to celebrate your fixed belly and not on another product to avoid. When doing all this research I kept thinking how depressing it was. I can't eat anything and when I do find something, there's a random sneaky chemical or preservative and back on the shelf it goes. Yes, eating this way can be time-consuming and annoying and tiring and...I lost how I was going to end that on a positive note. Oh yes, a fixed belly where I don't have to know where all the restrooms are and if I'm going to head to the ER that night for a bowel resection. 

You spend so much time figuring out the big food triggers like corn, sugar, and dairy, you may have missed out on a particular ingredient usually listed in the middle/bottom of your new food choices.

What is Carrageenan and why do companies use it?

 In layman's terms, its a thickening agent MADE FROM SEAWEED.  Seaweed is that green stuff in the ocean and its supposed to have lots of mineral and good stuff so what's the big deal.  I hate to do a big long quote but I couldn't sum it up better...or more thorough. Take 20 seconds to read a blurb from this Article ...

Although derived from a natural source, carrageenan appears to be particularly destructive to the digestive system, triggering an immune response similar to that your body has when invaded by pathogens like Salmonella. The result: “Carrageenan predictably causes inflammation, which can lead to ulcerations and bleeding,” explains veteran carrageenan researcher Joanne Tobacman, MD, associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of Illinois School of Medicine at Chicago. She says the food ingredient irritates by activating an immune response that dials up inflammation. Her previous work showed a concerning connection between carrageenan and gastrointestinal cancer and she’s involved with ongoing research funded through the National Institutes of Health that is investigating carrageenan’s effect on ulcerative colitis and other diseases like diabetes.

"If you only eat words you understand you'll be in great shape...figuratively and physically"- Me.

How to keep Carrageenan out of your diet:

  1. READ THE LABEL. While it can sneak in, (alcoholic beverages don't have to list it and it is used to clarify beer) most things that need to be thick- even dairy free creamers and yogurt- will have it listed. 

  2. This cool Buying Guide from Cornucopia Institute has a list of companies and products that don't use Carrageenan. 

  3. Just because it's Organic or Non-GMO, carrageenan is still allowed so don't assume!